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Protecting Children Online

Protecting Children Online

Steps Toward Making Your Computer “Weirdo-Proof”

It’s an unfortunate fact of reality, but children are the most victimized computer users on the Internet today. The good news is that there are some practical steps you can take to protect your children from sexual predators, hackers, and other seedy individuals who want to cause harm. This article will describe a few of them.

The first step in protecting your children at the computer is to prevent their access to passwords. This will keep them from sharing passwords with others and inadvertently enabling hacking into your system. If you think about it, there’s no reason why a five, seven, or even twelve year old needs to know the passwords to sensitive areas on the computer unless you’ve given them permission! In fact, children don’t need to know the password used to access the Internet either. It may be a hassle to type it in each time they want to get online, but it’s better to know the times that they connect than to have them sneak online without your permission and knowledge of their activities.

The second step towards protecting your children online is using the computer together. Siting next to your child while he or she peruses the Internet, you can guide him or her to make safe and intelligent decisions. You can approve websites and bookmark them together. You can monitor the conversations your children have with their friends and teach them appropriate online behavior at the same time. You can make recommendations and create a private time for quality time as well.

The third step involves blocking access to inappropriate areas altogether. You and your children may not always agree about what’s appropriate, but as a guardian, you’re in control and you’re ultimately responsible for their safety. Take the time to investigate software tools that put you in control and allow you to block access to certain websites. If you use an online service like AOL (America Online), you can use its internal Parental Control settings to block access to various chatrooms and websites. You could even block instant messaging and email from anyone who isn’t a fellow AOL user.

Other tools available online operate similar to the way that AOL’s Parental Control settings work, however no collection of tools could replace the reinforcement of mom and dad. Never let your children speak with strangers and never leave them alone at the computer unattended. Children just don’t have the experience that adults have and they don’t have the skills required to handle inappropriate conversations, emails, or images found online.

NOTE: Some of these tools include kid-specific web browsers that will visit pre-approved websites. Others include browser plug-ins that won’t allow access to online areas that contain forbidden keywords.

Another step requires teaching your children to never ever volunteer personal information. Under no circumstances, should children give their personal names, home addresses, phone numbers, or school information to anyone over the Internet regardless of the situation. In the even this information is required to enter a contest of some sort, be sure that you’re the one who makes the decision to supply it and that you’re the one who does it.

Performing all of these steps won’t be easy. However you can help minimize resistance to your monitoring efforts by explaining why you’re taking these precautions. Smaller children will probably enjoy the time you spend together at the computer, but older children and pre-teens may resent it. To help build a case for your concern, you might want to show your older children a few news stories that exemplify the dangers that unsupervised children are exposed to. The newspaper is unfortunately full of examples but with your help, we can reduce them world-wide.


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The Advantages Of Obtaining A Cybersecurity Degree Online

The Advantages Of Obtaining A Cybersecurity Degree Online

Computer fraud and Internet related offences are becoming a very widespread epidemic, especially in the Western world. And with technology bettering itself every day, it is becoming more and more crucial to properly defend yourself. That is where a cybersecurity degree online comes in handy.

There are of course institutions that offer a course similar to this within the confines of an actual school, but doing it online lets you learn at your own pace. It also allows you to plan your schooling around your life, instead of planning your life around your schooling.

There are many useful things that you will learn with this type of course. One of the biggest and most important parts of the course is cyber terrorism. Since this is becoming such an epidemic, it is something that needs to be studied in great detail. And since the faces of cyber terrorism are continuously changing, it is crucial to stay up to date.

Cyber terrorism deals with hackers accessing confidential information, usually via the Internet. It is usually large companies that are particularly targeted and it can cause a world of problems for the company involved. The anonymity of the Internet makes it possible for certain groups to attack other groups and individuals with less chance of getting caught.

Therefore, the world is in need of many people well versed in the world of cybersecurity. Of course, it is imperative to have some sort of computer knowledge before obtaining a cybersecurity degree online as well as an interest in the field.

A few of the other items that are covered in the course are cyber law, forensics, viral activity and compliance. Although it may sound complex at first, if you have the proper background you can excel in this course. There is also a large focus on firewall devices as well as intrusion detection.

What this course boils down to in the end is the protection of personal information. These days, there is so much information shared over the Internet, cell phones, email and other devices and it can be catastrophic if that information should fall in the wrong hands. It is a very broad category and can include anything from virus’ ruining your computer, someone hacking into your personal information or even identity theft.

More and more people are turning to online learning as time gets harder and harder to find. However, it is important to have a lot of self-determination and be able to ensure that you allocate yourself enough time to get the work and the studying done. And all you need is a computer with Internet access and you are set to go.

This will allow you to pursue other interests while obtaining your cybersecurity degree online. Many people choose to take this route if they have children at home or have to work full-time while pursuing an education.

This is a great career option for anyone who has an interest in computers and technology who also wishes to help others safeguard themselves from online predators. With this course, you will be able to help countless people who have been the victims of cyber terrorism so it is a career that really gives something back to the community.

So if you’ve been searching for a new career but just don’t have the time to go back to school, a cybersecurity degree online might be the answer you’ve been searching for.

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How Safe are Free Online Dating Services?

How Safe are Free Online Dating Services?

Online dating services have revolutionized the old concept of dating. Instead of going out in a blind date with someone whom you barely know, more single men and women choose online dating services instead. The most common kind is called free online dating services. Because the services are free, the common question that a prospective online dater would ask is, are these sites secured?

Online dating services are fast becoming an important classification of internet websites. But just as things have changed and evolved, scammers and con artists have also been “modernized.”

In these modern times, almost everything can be accessed by anyone. With news on internet hacking and copying, you can’t help but feel unsafe. More so if you need to reveal some personal information. This explains why, despite the booming industry of online dating services, there are still quite a number of people who are hesitant of joining.

Internet sites which provide dating services have now been made more secure by the service providers themselves. Before deciding on joining a particular dating service provider, see if they have privacy policies. It is important that any details that you give be kept confidential at all times. Sites which ask for several verifications before giving access to information are generally safer than those who don’t.

One good thing about this kind of dating service is you don’t need to disclose any credit card number. Because you don’t need to pay for anything, there is therefore no need to disclose the same. If someone pretends to be from the company, then contacts you and asks for such information, don’t tell anything. Chances are, they are scam artists out to get your money.

Because these sites are for free, there are more members than in paid sites. This being so, members are most likely to belong to different backgrounds and financial status. That is why you should be more cautious in choosing the people that you respond to. Check their profiles well. If you see anything suspicious or somewhat deceitful in their profiles, you can then avoid communicating with the person. Some sites even allow the blocking of messages from other people.

The downside of free sites like this is the presence of spam emails and unsolicited offers. Never respond to such emails and erase them as soon as possible.

Once you’re in, take time to get to know the person before divulging particular details. Take things slow and give yourself some time. Only when you’ve developed a closer, more intimate relationship can you give details on your real name, workplace, contact numbers, and others. In your conversations with others, be careful so as not to disclose any of your particulars.

In meeting the person for the first time, choose a public place. Do not agree on meeting somewhere private like his place or a friend’s house. Tell a friend of your whereabouts – who you’ll meet, where and when.

If you want to try online dating services, then free online dating services are the way to start. This way, you are able to test the waters without having to spend much. As to the question posted in the title, these sites are relatively safe. Just remember to take the necessary precautionary measures of online dating. The important thing to remember is you have a hand in securing your own safety.

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Password Protection Tips for Online Shoppers

Password Protection Tips for Online Shoppers

Online shopping was once seen as quirky and impractical, but it has proven that not only is it a viable consumer option, it is also a mega pipeline for billion dollar businesses. In fact, many experts expect to see the growth of the online shopping industry increase in ways that will eventually make offline shopping somewhat obsolete. Already we see that during peak shopping months like December, online sales statistics sometimes top the revenue figures for brick and mortar stores.

And this phenomenon has not been ignored by the bad guys, particularly those who make their money by computer-aided theft, fraud, and hacking. If you are concerned about whether or not your online shopping transactions are safe and secure, you are in good company. Even the experts on the subject say that it is a matter of concern, and they advise ways to remain vigilant in protecting our critical personal data. By being aware of the potential for criminal exploitation of our online shopping experiences, we can defend ourselves against such things, and our stress and worry can be transformed into a healthy awareness of our modern need to take reasonable security precautions.

The biggest vulnerability of all is that we have special words and codes we use to identify ourselves, since we are not involved in old-fashioned face-to-face business transactions. That means that it is easy to pretend to be someone else, if we have someone else’s personal passwords. Just as covert operators like secret agents do during wartime, thieves can discover our secret passwords and then use them to cross over into territory where they can easily attack us and wreak havoc, plundering our well-guarded assets. The trick to outwitting these crooks is to have codes that are impossible – or next to impossible – to decipher.

Password protection is a serious business, and we should take it just as seriously as we do the practice of locking our doors at night or walking on well-lighted streets instead of darkened alleys. Experts recommend that we do not use passwords related to information that could be found out about us easily. For instance, your birthday, street address, and dog’s name are probably not well protected. Anyone with the determination to research those things could find out such personal info about you, and if you are using those dates or names for passwords, they can hack your accounts. It is better to use more obscure and random passwords that have no other relevance to your personal identity.

And when creating a password, use a random mix of both numbers and letters. Some computer programs used by culprits will automatically try all combinations of numbers, for instance, to find the one that opens your account. By tossing in a few random letters, you can scramble these attempts and thwart them. Another important piece of advice is to update your passwords regularly, by changing them to new ones. Don’t use the same password on more than one account, and change your passwords on a regular basis, at least a few times each year.

Once you’re sleeping peacefully in the knowledge that you have done everything possible to protect yourself online, you can shop the Internet with confidence and reassurance.

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Is It Safe To Use My Credit Card For Online Shopping

Is It Safe To Use My Credit Card For Online Shopping

Shopping online with credit cards has been a dilemma for most people since the early days of the internet. While the internet has evolved and new and improved security measures have been taken to enhance safety, there are still regular cases where things go wrong. With the huge increase in online identity theft, no amount of caution is ever enough, and we must do all we can to protect ourselves and our personal information.

Naturally, it may be easy to simply decide you won’t ever again use a credit card online. While there are other payment methods available on some websites, most online merchants and stores only have the credit card payment option available. With most of the best deals and the tremendous amounts of sales that can be found on the internet, radically abstaining from online purchases with credit cards may significantly hinder the purchases you participate in.

There are a number of ways to protect yourself online, first of all, whenever entering your personal information during an online purchase, be sure you are on a secure page, the most common way of checking this is locating the secure page verifier icon on your internet browser. Nonetheless, just being on a secure page does not guarantee your information won’t be stolen, as you could be the victim of spyware and may have malicious hacking software on your computer, such as a keylogger that keeps track of your every move. Be sure to have a regularly updated anti-virus and spyware software to prevent this from happening. Another point to remember, your credit card company or banking institution will never email or call you with a request for your personal information, do not volunteer this information to anyone, even if they identify themselves as employees of a financial company you deal with, or their email address seems to match the company. Credit card companies do not contact their customers that way, by being aware of the different threats out there, you can help keep your online shopping secure.

Another popular way of shopping online with credit cards is using virtual credit cards. Virtual credit cards help eliminate much of the risk involved in using your credit cards online. Virtual credit cards consist of credit cards numbers that are used a single time, once they have been used, they are no longer valid. Virtual credit card numbers can only be used on the internet; they are not valid for buying in real stores. If a hacker manages to obtain your virtual credit card number, it will not do them any good.

Although virtual credit cards are accepted by many websites, there are a few sites they cannot be used for. Most large credit card companies offer the convenience of virtual credit cards, for more information on how they work and how they can be used, contact your credit card company.

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Online Credit Card Application: The Easiest Way To A Customer’s Heart

Online Credit Card Application: The Easiest Way To A Customer’s Heart

Many credit cards are offered in the market today thus, making companies more aggressive in advertising and marketing their card services. These companies (e.g. banks, department stores, specialty stores, airlines, hotels, etc.) have found a powerful tool in catching the attention of prospective card holders: online credit card application.

What advantage/s does online credit card application offer?

The bottom line of online credit card application is “convenience”. Online application is a dream-come-true to future card holders. Imagine not having to queue in long lines just to have a credit card approved. No travel cost just to get to the card company’s office. Since everything is computerized and automated, processing of the application is faster and more efficient.

What is/are the drawback/s of online credit card application?

The major drawback in applying for a credit card online is internet security: computer hacking makes identity theft possible. Make sure that online application is done through a trusted and secure computer.

Do credit cards applied for online offer additional benefits?

No, basically all the services and benefits are the same. Here are some of the benefits given to card holders and future members:

1. airline miles
2. cash back
3. business
4. retail
5. shopping
6. rewards

How does one apply for a credit card online?

Online credit card application is very straightforward. Just follow the directions as prompted. Credit card companies have their respective web sites which are easy to search in the web. Just type the name of the bank, department store/specialty shop, or airlines and add the key words “online credit card application”, and the computer screen will display the search results as well as the URL.

Here are some other reminders when applying for a credit card online:

1. Determine your need for a credit card: travel, grocery, business.

2. Assess your earning capacity and compare this against your needs.

3. Look around the web for the credit card that matches your needs.

4. Check out the following information about your prospective credit card company through the internet:

5. Application fee. Some companies do not charge for applications.

6. Interest per month. Of course, choose the one with the lowest financial charges.

7. Benefits/Rewards/Advantages. These can sometimes spell the difference between good and best credit cards.

8. Disclaimer. This states additional limitations and/or scope to the credit card; make sure you read this.

9. Application requirements. This is to ensure that all necessary personal data and information are available to you when you do the actual online application.

10. Apply for a credit card online through a secure, trusted, and private computer, never in a public computer.

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What Are The Security Risks Of Online Merchant Accounts?

What Are The Security Risks Of Online Merchant Accounts?

Online security has advanced a great deal in the past ten years or so. Online merchant solutions have taken the best advantage of this advancement in technology by allowing many online businesses to take advantage of the convenience of accepting payments online and delivering goods to their customers without actually meeting them.

However, as with every positive point to any development there are a few negatives as well. Though merchant transactions on the internet has improved to prevent online theft, popularly referred to as ‘cyber theft’, there are ‘gurus’ in the field of software development who would rather lend their expertise and knowledge to hacking or breaking into online businesses and online payment processors to steal and plunder.

Many online merchant establishments have experienced their digital products, such as PDF files, music, video and what not being downloaded by cyber criminals who have somehow managed to circumnavigate their secure payment gateways, thus causing a loss to the online merchant establishment.

Many online payment processors have also experienced theft by people breaking into their client’s accounts and transferring cash online. Online credit card fraud is also nothing new to online merchant transactions.

The answer to preventing online merchant fraud is to use a reliable service that has proven their expertise in the field of online merchant solutions. They will have to have honed their skills in developing SSL technology.

This is an Acronym for ‘Secure Socket Layer’ technology. SSL encrypts the data being transmitted over the net and is almost impossible to decipher. This actually reduces online fraud considerably.

If you have a reliable developer to create your software for you, you can proceed with your plans of setting up an online merchant account and cash in on many deals your competitors are profiting by at the moment.

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How To Get Online Success For Your Home Business

How To Get Online Success For Your Home Business

In order to get online success for your business, you can never take goal setting for granted. This is key to running a lucrative home based business and this is especially true if you are considering about the website of your company and its features and content.
There are flimsy reasons for making your own company website. One of them is be “in.” Since the advent of the internet age, almost every type of business have their own website and so some companies maintain their own website just to keep pace with the competition or at least to have something to present to their customers who are asking for their website address. While this may not be the case with all companies, others just keep a website just to have a venue where they can present information to their visitors.
If these are your only reasons for building a website, then you better think twice before hiring someone to develop it for you. If these were your only goals for having a website, then you will just be wasting your company resources and you will be missing out plenty of opportunities to create income by generating leads and selling your products or services to your potential market. Not having a clear-cut business goal for your website will cause you to lose the possibilities of acquiring a lucrative return on investment.
Think of a website as a capital expense, more like your other resources. Intrinsically, it has to yield a quantitative return on investment within a certain period of time. All the time, resources, and effort you put in to develop and maintain your company website must be converted into solid earnings. Not knowing this and not having goals for your websites can make you think of adding content and features to your site just for the sake of it.
When you set goals for your website you will become clear about the type of content that your website needs to have. Then you can plan the structure of the site and identify the right content to incorporate. You can also use your goals as the yardstick on whether or not your website is effective in generating income for the company. You will know this by studying the conversion rates of your website. When conversion rates are falling, then you know you need to make some improvements.
Aside from setting goals for your website, you also have to work hard to learn the most effective internet marketing tools and use them for your business. There’s really no sure formula for the success of your online campaign, so you need to study various internet marketing strategies such as on-site and off-site tools to drive traffic to your site, social media marketing, keyword-rich content, and paid ads.
Use Google Apps for business. It’s almost a crime not to use these apps to increase your revenue streams. Perhaps you’re already using Google Mail or Google Docs in your home business. But know that these are not enough. There are more applications that you take advantage of to make organizing your daily tasks much easier. Learn about Google Cloud and you will spend less time worrying about computer glitches and viruses. This also makes your data accessible in just about any place where there is an internet connection. Thus, making it easier for you to retrieve and send data to your clients.

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Introduction To Online Business 1-2-3

Introduction To Online Business 1-2-3

As you read these words, there are millions of people making a full-time income on the internet, working part-time hours from the comfort of their own home. These people set their own working hours, live wherever they choose to live and have a ton of spare time (and money) to spend with their family and friends, simply doing things they love to do.

Does this sound like something you would like to be doing?

Well, rest assured, you’ve made the right decision if you would… Because you’re about to learn everything you need to know to get started on your internet business and be pointed in the right direction towards online business success.

In this guide, you’ll not only learn the basics to starting an internet business but you’ll also learn about the many different online business models you can choose.

You can even analyze over 50 successful online businesses which you can then imitate!

But before we get started, just so you’re as excited as I am about doing business online.
Here are some of the main reasons most people decide to start an online business:

• It takes very little money to start

Unlike a business in the “real world”, an online business DOES NOT need a lot of start up money. All you need is an idea, a domain name, internet access and hosting…all of which can be obtained for very little indeed.

• You choose when you work

Who says you must work from 9 to 5 everyday? People who are NOT Internet Business owners!

The Internet Business is the biggest proof why the statement “working from 9 to 5” is no longer true. With an Internet Business, you don’t have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning so that you can get to work by 9am anymore. You can start work at anytime since you’re your own boss!

• Work from the comfort of your own home

Where you put your computer is where you’ll be working! And since you’re going to be working from home, you’ll be saving at least two hours of your time each day by not having to travel to and from your work place – during rush hours when everybody else is going to work or heading home.

That means you’ll be saving at least 730 hours a year! Wouldn’t you shudder at the thought of wasting 730 hours a year doing nothing productive?

• With the internet, the whole world is your market!

By sitting in front of the computer, everyone in the world is now within your reach. You leverage on free or low-cost software and hardware and the Internet Infrastructure, all of which when combined will give you leveraging power that far exceeds any conventional business, allowing you to achieve more and more with less and less work!

• You can fully automate your online business

If properly set up, some Internet Business models can be fully automated. I have a number of fully automated income streams at present.

• No need to work 8 hours a days every single day

Once you’ve automated your Internet Business in some way, you can use the time you save to start other income streams, improve your existing business, or however you like.

You just spend the time online checking your e-mail, promoting and expanding your business – all in front of your computer. And there’s absolutely no need to spend even more than four hours online.

• Spend more time with family and friends

Owning an Internet Business allows you to spend more time with your family, or watch your children grow up. This is what most busy parents crave for.

If you’re one of them, then you’ll do well to seriously consider starting an Internet Business.

• Your online business can be all about your hobbies and passions

And this is my favorite reason for anybody wanting to start an Internet Business! The Internet Business allows your passion and dream to come to life, which is also the most important component of any businesses.

• Online businesses have very little expenses

Believe it or not, some Internet Businesses can be set up and running at zero cost, if not a very low cost. Other Internet Businesses can be run with monthly operational expenses so low that they’re negligible!

• You can have more that one!

Since the cost of setting up and running an Internet Business is so low, and you can automate their operations, you can operate multiple Internet Businesses as a one-person Internet Business owner. You don’t need to hire employees since your Internet Business system is doing most of the job, if not all, for you. It works 24/7 for you. It won’t call in sick. It won’t give any excuses. And it definitely won’t blame you if it ever had problems!

• The internet is a huge market (the whole world) and it’s getting bigger as you read these words

According to the Computer Industry Almanac, there were 934 million Internet users up to September 2004; and there will be 1.07 billion in this year.

Now, is there any doubt that a 934 million-user pool is a very attractive target given the leverage you have on the Internet?

Given all the wonderful reasons for starting your very own Internet Business, I’m sure that by now you have already made up your mind whether starting an Internet Business is for you…

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Sell Beats Online – Beat Website Hosting

http://2themillbeats.com/sellbeats435.html Beat makers all over the world are passing up some of the best money making opportunities available to them. If yo…
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