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Irish domain names

Irish domain names

Irish domain names – Ireland’s domain name

General overview – IEDR

The country code top level domain (ccTLD) for Ireland is .ie. This ccTLD is managed by a not for profit organization in Dublin, Ireland know as the “Irish Domain Registry” or IEDR. The IEDR is not a regulatory body and provides the service to the public and internet community. The registry is responsible for the provision of IE names and the rules relating to their registration. The IEDR implements a dispute resolution policy for domains through the WIPO and unlike other registries operates Monday to Friday during business hours.

Requirements to register

The IE domain itself is a restricted domain in that only applicants who meet certain criteria may register this name. The two main requirements are: Being based in Ireland or having a strong link to Ireland (both northern and southern Ireland). Where the applicant is not based in Ireland information showing this connection must be provided. Secondly the entity registering the domain must have a connection to the name and where this connection is not obvious, must provide evidence of this connection.

Resellers and registration process

Domains are registered through approved domain resellers and are passed to the domain registry directly for approval. The approval process is carried out by a team of people known as IEDR Hostmasters. It is their responsibility to ensure the registration requirements are adhered to. Communication is passed to the approved reseller in the case where more information is required. This thorough process of vetting has led to both positive and negative effects on the domain name’s reputation.

Positive and negative aspects to the domain

On the positive side the domain was recently voted the second safest domain in the world after the Finnish ccTLD. Generally speaking IE domains are held in high regard by Irish based internet surfers. It is seen as a mark of quality or authenticity when doing business online and as a result .ie based websites are trusted over their .com cousins. Very rarely are large spam attacks initiated through an IE domain and the rate of hacks and other internet attacks from IE hostnames is quite low.

The price of .ie domain names are higher than the average TLD or ccTLD, but this price has been significantly reduced over the past 2 years, from an average of around €65 to as low as €19 today. This is due to the traditionally large human input required to approve and manage a domain portfolio. Recently the domain registry themselves have implemented an API mechanism to fast track registration, billing and modifications of domain names. This was carried out by liaising with the reseller community to assess their needs on a day to day basis. Because of the successful implementation of this API amongst the community the price of registering IE domains has fallen with some suppliers leading the way in the price reduction.

Future of the domain

The future of the .ie is bright. New technical advancements in the API as well as the continued reduction in the Irish domain price mean the number of registrations is increasing constantly. Increased promotion of the domain brand by the domain registry and reseller community alike has also led to increased registrations.

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Domain Registration: Why You Need Private Whois Service

Domain Registration: Why You Need Private Whois Service

Privacy is the control of one’s own personal information, control over what others know about one, and control over how others may use or exploit the personal information. Policies and practices for protecting privacy aim towards minimizing the collection of personally identifiable information. Therefore, the basis of privacy is anonymity, where no personally identifiable information is collected. Making compulsory, the disclosure of personally identifiable information, as under current WhoIs policies for domain registration, cause privacy to be undermined

For free speech, privacy is critical. For instance, if people are forced to disclose their identity, they are reluctant to fully express their ideas on account of fear of persecution.

The protection of anonymity further enhances the one-to-many characteristics of the Internet through which an individual’s speech can reach a global audience.

Privacy and data protection laws may apply to domain registrars’ WhoIs services and registrars’ participation in thick registry WhoIs services in various countries, particularly in the European Union’s member states.

Current ICANN regulations require that the Private contact information (WhoIs Info) of each domain registration be included in a publicly accessible Database.

The WhoIs database is the collection of information gathered by a domain name registrar from domain name registrants.

The purpose for which the WhoIs system is accessed includes:

1. To find out whether a specific domain name is unregistered and currently available
2. To identify the person or organization responsible for a domain registration or website on the Internet
3. To support technical operations of Internet Service Providers or network administrators, including assistance in tracing sources of Spam or denial of service attacks
4. To collect names and contact information for the purpose of marketing
5. To aid government law enforcement, other than intellectual property

When a WhoIs search is conducted, the information that is currently available about the domain name registrant leads to the name and address of the domain name owner.

However, when a domain name is registered, the personal contact information such as name, address, email address, and even phone number might be made freely available.

The domain registrant would not know who collected his/her WhoIs data, the reason for which the information was collected, and how the collector is likely to use the information

This implies that the private information is displayed and made available to whoever wants to see it, at any point of time.

Now it is possible to protect one’s private WhoIs information by switching the “public” domain registration to a “private” unlisted registration through a private whois service.

A private whois service protects the private information and shields against its misuse. Hence, one is protected against:
- Spam,
- Identity Theft,
- Data Mining,
- Name Hijackers,
- Etc.

It works in a similar way to having one’s phone umber “unlisted” and it prevents people from gaining access to one’s address, phone number and other such private information.

A private whois service works by:
- Protecting the private information
- Relaying important communication
- Providing greater control

Protecting the Private Information

This implies that the private contact information is not exposed and is held confidentially, and protected by the Domain Privacy Protection Service. Instead of the individual’s contact information, their contact information is displayed to provide with the highest level of protection against spammers and identity theft.

Relaying Important Communication

Without a private whois service, those involved in spamming can obtain email addresses through harvesting and then use these for sending spam mails and redistribution to marketing firms. The email addresses can stay on record with various spammers and marketing firms for several years. With a private whois service, the visible email address is constantly changing, so it will change within a specific period of time and the previous address will not work for the spammer. The Domain Privacy Protection Service secures and maintains the real email address on record so that important information regarding the domain is received.

Providing Greater Control

The individual or organization subscribing to the private whois service retains full legal ownership and control over the domain registration. It is possible to sell, renew, transfer and change settings to the domain name just the same as otherwise. The domain control panel provides real-time access to easily manage the domain name.

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Bulk Domain Name Registration

Bulk Domain Name Registration

Most Internet marketing gurus know the importance of using a domain name. However, only the experts use bulk domain names when marketing their website. How do things work if one is using bulk domain names? Basically, with the bulk domain name tactic, dozens maybe even hundreds of domain names point to one site. The practice is completely legal, (since ICANN places no limitations on how many domain names a person can register), and could even boost search engine listings. This is because search engine bots have more URLs they can find that relate to a particular website.

So, how can a person get started with bulk domain name registration? Well, if they have money, it’s best if they go to a bulk domain name company. These are better than traditional domain name companies, because they are specially designed to help webmaster better manage their bulk domain name campaigns. With a bulk domain name company, webmasters can manage up to 10,000 domain names in just one account. This includes placing them in related groups, alphabetizing them or viewing which ones are going to expire first. An example of an excellent service offering these features is DomainNext.com.

If a person doesn’t have money, they will need to consider other means of bulk domain name registration. For example, they could try to get maybe 100 or so domain names from domain name registrars charging just a dollar. This would mean the initial fees would be 0, which is an affordable amount for most people. They could also consider getting a series of free domain names. However, they must be aware that many free domain name providers will places ads on a site as well as contain an extension that is not traditional.

There may also be a limit to how many free domain names a person can register. Either way, webmasters may want to consider pointing free domain names to a second site that relates to whatever they are promoting. They can advertise the domain name to their main site. With this method they can take advantage of free bulk domain names without having to worry about bombarding their original site with advertisements.

It should be noted that if a person does not get free bulk domain names, they will have to pay renewal fees once their domain names expire. If a person got a number of bulk domain names they can handle, this may not be an issue. However, if it is, they can consider selling their domain names on domain name auction sites. They will lose the marketing advantage, but at least they will get an opportunity to save money.

In conclusion, bulk domain name registration can be a way for webmasters to help corner the Internet market. They can go about registering several paid domains and/or free domains. Regardless, they should also make sure that their site contains other elements that make for good Internet marketing. This includes being keyword-optimized and containing several inbound links. Without doing these things, bulk domain name registration in and of itself will only bring limited results.

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