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How to Setup a 1.3.2 Minecraft server on a Mac

NOTE: This tutorial is fully compatible with the new Minecraft version 1.3.2. It explains how to create a Minecraft server using the original method of a separate server app (ie not via the new in-game server). I will have a tutorial up on the new in-game server feature soon. Subscribe to be notified when I upload that! A step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a Minecraft server on any recent version of Mac OS X. (This tutorial does not cover port forwarding, but click this link afterwards for another tutorial on how to port forward: NOTE: If you are having trouble creating your Minecraft server folder and files, click this link to download a pre-made sample Minecraft server: Download Links: Minecraft server version 1.3.2: Minecraft Client: To test your server in Minecraft, make sure youve started the start.command file, then click "Add Server" in the Multiplayer menu, enter a name, then for the address type "localhost" and click done. The signal bars should then turn green (only use "localhost" for testing on the same computer as the server). To connect from other computers on your local network, type in the servers local IP address instead. Click the link below for a tutorial on how to find your computers local IP address. NOTE: If you plan on playing on the same computer as your Minecraft server, make sure your Mac is relatively fast! Further Tutorials: How to find your computers local IP address: Code: start <b>…<b>

6 Responses to “How to Setup a 1.3.2 Minecraft server on a Mac”

  1. TheDestructocon says:

    then after u delete that part open the minecraft server.jar and it should pop up the window that’s being shown on 4:09 hope this helps :)

  2. TheDestructocon says:

    @TheBigProjectX try deleting the text "#!/bin/bash cd "$(dirname "$0")" that’s probably ur problem. I deleted that part and it worked

  3. deleterious8 says: Survival , pvp, no rules, no lag no admins giving people stuff factions enabled 100 slot server up 24/7 join now!!! 200% FREE NO PREMIUMS

  4. SomalianNerd says:

    The IP is!
    We are an all-new server that has the most recent plugins and great staff!
    Our moderators and admins are mature and do not abuse their powers.
    With Factions, McMMO, BOSEconomy, and much more, you’ll never be bored on this server! We also have NoCheat and LogBlock to detect those hackers and ban them away!

    Cracked/PvP/Griefing/Faction/ChestShop/BoseEconomy/Raiding/Mature People/NoCheat

    Get over there. Everyone who joined said its amazing. You can be next.

  5. NightOmegaX says:

    How do you change the max players?

  6. llREPOlll says:

    yeh… my friends cant join, and i did everything twice.


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